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Arthritis in pets and acupuncture

Its not uncommon for animals to receive acupuncture. Some vets in the UK undertake basic acupuncture courses run by acupuncturists so there clients pets can receive treatment for aliments. Here is a story of one such pet owner who’s remarkable journey from being faced with a life time taking painkillers to being pain free and able to run again. If you are seeking a vet that provides acupuncture you might want to try ABVA, who maintains standards of education, ethics, practice and discipline to ensure the health and wellbeing of animals in the UK. ABVA are a little like the BAcC who also maintain the stands of acupuncture for patients in the UK. 

So should you be considering acupuncture for yourself or for your pet please make sure your acupuncturist or vet are members of the above groups to be totally confident that your getting fully qualified and capable practitioners in their field. Below are links to the BAcC and ABVA.

Arthritic dog receives acupuncture