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Acupuncture for pets in China

Its the latest thing in China at the moment, pet owners are giving their pets acupuncture using a new device which passes electricity through the needles when there inserted.

Specific breeds of dogs are prone to back injuries or paralysis, conditions which commonly lead to the animals being put down. But for some in China, any condition can be treated by using alternative therapy, such as acupuncture. “Seventy percent of the animals here suffer from spinal disc herniation, leading to paralysis of the hind legs or all four legs,” Jin Rishan, a practitioner at the clinic told AFP news agency, which also said the clinic is operating at full capacity of around 20 patients per day. “Western medical practices can’t do much,” he said. For one pooch who recently underwent the procedure – Dan Jiao – it seems to be working. The dog suffered a broken back after a fall but after several rounds of acupuncture, his owner says he can now limp on all fours.

Pets have become popular in China in recent years, and owners often lavish huge amounts on money on their dogs and cats. Pet grooming is a booming business in China, where dogs are often seen wearing expensive coats and other accessories.

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